Post-processing of 3D printing. 12 processes.

Chemical smoothing

Chemically smoothing the surface
Suitable for PA12 or TPU


Components are dipped in ink
High edge accuracy
Basic colors available


Painting based on RAL colors
Alternative to coloring
Possible for most materials


Removal of the support structure
Necessary for FDM, SLM or SLA
Included in our basic offer

Glass bead blasting

Gentle surface treatment
Surface is roughened less than with sandblasting

Vibratory finishing

Smoothing of the surface by trowalizing
For sintered components (SLS, MJF...)

Vibratory grinding & coloring

Combination of vibratory grinding and subsequent coloring
Very high durability


Surface sealing by means of resin
Stable components and protection against contamination

Polishing - Polyshot blasting

Automat. PolyShot Surfacing (PSS)
Better finish, colored black
No material removal

Filling & Painting

Application of filler
Painting based on RAL colors
Optical improvement of FDM

Solution annealing

Improve corrosion resistance
Suitable for metal 3D printing

Heat treatment

Improvement of material properties
Suitable for metal 3D printing

You want a different post-processing and have not found it? Get in touch - we will be happy to advise you.

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