Questions about 3D printing. Here you will find the most important answers.

General questions

Using 3D printing, almost all projects can be realised easily and cost-effectively. Save your valuable time and high expenses for the development.
We cover all services around 3D printing, 3D construction and 3D scanning. In the field of 3D printing, we primarily manufacture products for architecture (situation and building models), trade fairs (trade fair models), prototypes and industrial components, medical and food technology, product design, series production and marketing.
You will usually receive an answer from us within 60 minutes. You can receive a quote either directly through our inquiry tool on our website or you can write us an email directly ( and send us - if available - your data. Alternatively, you can also calculate the parts online here and order them directly.
In principle, we can work with almost all data. Preferably send us .stl, .stp, .step, .obj, .igs, .iges, .sldprt, .3mf, .catpart, .x_t, .x_b. You don't have any of these file types? No problem - contact us via
No problem - we can do the data creation for you. Be it from technical drawings or from a sketch. Alternatively, we can also 3D scan your component.
For each order we charge setup costs of CHF 35 (corporate customers) as well as the 3D printing. The costs are calculated based on the respective printing time of your model. If post-processing is necessary, this will also be charged separately. The goods will be shipped by Post Priority for CHF 15 each. If the creation of 3D data is necessary, we work with an hourly rate of CHF 80 (CAD design) or CHF 120 (3D scan).

Manufacturing process

We offer all common 3D printing processes. These are in particular the FDM, DLP, SAF- SLS, MJM, Binder Jetting, SLA, SLM, MJF processes and fine and vacuum casting. For more information consult here.
The accuracy varies depending on the model, manufacturing process and material. In principle, however, an accuracy of 0.1 mm should be possible. If you require a higher accuracy, please let us know when ordering/inquiring.
Due to the fact that we offer all common manufacturing processes in the field of 3D printing, we can print a variety of materials. We can find the appropriate material for any application. You can find details directly here.
Depending on the technology, we have different tree rooms. You can find all the information in the manufacturing process section. If the desired dimensions are above, we realize the production in several parts.
If your 3D model is oversized, we may have to produce the model in several parts. We print individual parts and then reassemble them internally. Apart from a small seam, this has no further effect on your model.

Shipping & Payment

The production time depends very much on the individual circumstances. In principle, we can produce smaller components - provided the 3D data is already available - within 5 working days. You will be informed with each offer how long the printing will take and when you can expect the component.
By default, you pay conveniently by invoice with a payment term of 10 days. You will receive the invoice as soon as the order is completed. Alternatively, you can also pay by Twint or credit card.


For us, the satisfaction of our customers comes first and we always try to solve any complaints quickly and without complications. If you are not satisfied with your component, please contact us directly at with your order number. We are here for you and will gladly take care of your concern.

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